Artist of the Month - 1

Opening our «Artist of the Month» web page, we are proud to present ex libris created by the Nigerian Artist - Obiora Obieze.
We believe, it is the first time an Artist from Africa presents his ex libris creations in a specialised forum such as this website. They are fine works, inspired in the Artist creative powers and in its rich secular cultural heritage.
Longtime dominated by European graphic arts' traditions and schools, ex libris created by Artists from Turkey, Japan and China have increasingly been calling, in recent years, the attention of bookplate lovers. Now, Africa appears in the scene with the works of Obiora Obieze hoping this will open the path for other artists and book lovers from Africa.

Obiora Obieze

Studio Artist - painter, printmaker, drawer, sculptor, poet
b. July, 13th 1962, Nigeria
Plantain Gallery

Agbalanze: denizen of Africa
Name: Tasie Egbuji
Opus: 21
Year: 1997
Tech.: Linocut (X3)

  Fusion of Faiths
Name: Nicole Guez
Year: 1998
Tech.: Linocut (X3)

  Widow's Weeds
Name: Tasie Egbuji
Year: 1998
Tech.:Linocut (X3)

  Paean to the Almight
Name: Tasie Egbuji
OPUS: 40
Yea: 1998
Tech.: Linocut (X3)

  Dice at Fortune's Throw
Name:Nicole Guez
Opus: 65
Tech.:Woodcut (X2)
  Nirvana: where the wind blows free
Name:May Faysal El-Khalil
Opus: 56
Year: 1998
Tech.: Linocut (X3)

© 1998-2005, José Vicente de Bragança (Portugal) & J. Stewart LeForte (Canada), editorsPosted: July 2005

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