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The Napier Bookplates

Francis Scott Napier, 8th Lord Napier (23 February 1758 – 1 August 1823) was a British peer and army officer.
The son of Hon. William Napier (later 7th Lord Napier) and his wife, the Hon. Mary, a daughter of Charles Cathcart, 8th Lord Cathcart.
Entered the Army 1774 commissioned into the 31st Foot and was promoted to a lieutenant in 1776. After serving with General Burgoyne in Canada, he fought in the American Revolutionary War with the Convention Army under Burgoyne at the time of their defeat and surrender at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777; being imprisoned after the Convention of Saratoga 1777; Maj, 4th Regiment of Foot 1784-89; Grand Master of Scottish Freemasons 1788-90 ; his right to the peerage was questioned at the election of Scottish peers in 1790 but established in 1793; a Representative Peer for Scotland 1796-1806 and 1807-23; Lord Lieutenant of Selkirkshire 1797-1823; Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1802-16
On 13 April 1784, Napier married Maria Margaret Clavering (c.1756–1821), the daughter of Lt.-Gen. Sir John Clavering, at St George's, Hanover Square. They had five daughters and four sons, including Hon. William John (1786–1834), later 9th Lord Napier.
Franks 21 540 & 21 541
A Spade Shield Armorial.
Arms: Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Argent a Saltire engrailed cantoned of four Roses Gules barbed Vert (Napier); 2nd and 3rd, Or on a Bend Azure a Mullet pierced between two Crescents of the field within a Double Tressure flory counter-flory of the second (Scott of Thirlestane); below the Shield on a Compartment the Top of a Tower embattled Argent, masoned Sable issuant therefrom six Lances disposed saltirewise proper three and three with Pennons Azure (Scott). Coronet.
Supporters: Dexter - An Eagle wings expanded proper; Sinister - A Chevalier in Coat of Mail and Steel Cap all proper holding in the exterior hand a Lance with a Pennon Azure.
Mottoes: Ready Aye Ready
Some, mistakenly attribute it, to his son William John Napier, 9th Lord Napier, Baron Napier, FRSE (13 October 1786 – 11 October 1834) was a British Royal Navy officer and trade envoy in China who according to Franks had also an armorial bookplate 21 543 (and 21 544 – 21 546).

Franks 21 542
Most probably of Francis Napier, 10th Lord Napier and 1st Baron EttrickKTPC (15 September 1819 – 19 December 1898) was a Scottish diplomat and colonial administrator. He served as the British Minister to the United States from 1857 to 1859, Netherlands from 1859 to 1860, Russia from 1861 to 1864, Prussia from 1864 to 1866 and as the Governor of Madras from 1866 to 1872. He also acted as the Viceroy of India from February to May 1872. Napier was made a Knight of the Thistle in 1864. In 1872, he was created Baron Ettrick in the Peerage of the United Kingdom in recognition of his services in India. Married Anne Jane Charlotte Lockwood CI (b. 1824; d. 24 Aug 1911).
Arms, encircled by the badge and motto “Fax mentis Honestae Gloria” of a Baronet of Nova Scotia, supporters (same as above) and coronet on a mantle.

Lord Francis Napier left a valuable library which was sold at an Auction in 1912, at Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge.
Cf. Catalogue of the valuable library of the late Dowager Lady Napier and Ettrick (for the most part collected by her husband, the late Lord Napier and Ettrick, K.T.) : comprising antiquarian, architectural and genealogical works on Scotland ... ; numerous works on America and India ; and works in general literature ... ; also the library of the late Canon A.R. Maddison comprising standard works, chiefly modern, including many works on genealogy and heraldry : which will be sold by auctions by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge ... on Monday, 11th of November, 1912, and two following days.

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