Friday, 24 July 2009

International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Ex Libris. The Castle Museum in Malbork

The 22 International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Exlibris - Malbork 2009

The Malbork Castle Museum organizes every two years, since 1963, an International ExLibris Contest followed by an Exhibition. It ranks amongst the most important events in the field of Ex Libris. The 22nd International Exhibition was opened on 6th June 2009, showing the 231 ex libris admited to the Exhibition and the Artists that were awarded prizes namely, Plamenko ČENGIĆ (Croatia), Ayrat TEREGULOV (Russia) and Jiři BRÁZDA (the Czech Republic).
As it has become common for decades after the «risorgimento» of Ex Libris post WWII, what the organizers call «utilitarian exlibris» seem to have been a minority amongst the works presented, the majority being prints made for collectors for exchange purposes, however beautiful, but not ex libris at all.
A Catalogue was published.

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