Tuesday, 28 July 2009

German Heraldic Bookplates

Dr. Bernhard Peter, from Koblenz, in his website - «Heraldische Exlibris», dedicates several pages to German Heraldic Bookpates.

Amongst the Artists whose Works are commented with excellent reproductions and notes (in German) we can find:

Franz Ignaz Heinrich Hefner (1756-1846)
Christian Bühler (1825-1898)
Adolf M. Hildebrandt (1844-1918) (see…)
Alexander von Dachenhausen (1848-1916)
Clemens Kissel (1849-1911)
Ernst Krahl (1858-1926) (see…)
Otto Hupp (1859-1949) (see….
Paul Voigt (1859-1924)
Lorenz M. Rheude (1863-1939) (see…)
Jean Kauffmann (1866-1924)
Carl Roschet (1868-1925)
Georg Otto (1868-1939)
Oskar Roick (1870-1926)
Alexander Liebmann (1871-1938)
Emil Gerster (6.8.1876 - 22.6.1937)

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