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Saturday, 27 December 2008

FISAE CONGRESS 2010 - Istanbul

Thee next XXXIII FISAE International Ex-libris Congress 2010 will be taking place in Istanbul, August 25th-29th, 2010.

Prof. Dr. Hasip PektasPresident of FISAE and of the Istanbul Ex-libris Society and of the recently created Istanbul Ex-libris Museum is leading the organization of this historical event.

Turkey has been very active in the ex-libris movement with many graphic Artists becoming interested in ex libris creation with a regular participation in International Competitions and an increasing number of dedicated collectors.

The former Ankara Ex Libris Society (cr. 1997), now Istanbul Ex Libris Society has also been very active having organized Two International Ex Libris Competitions in Ankara (2003 and 2007) and CGD Ex-libris Competitions apart from collaborating in other major Graphic Arts events.
The upcoming FISAE International Ex Libris Congress will be an opportunity to learn more about the rich and old Turkish Culture and to admire enchanting Istanbul the former capital of the Ottomans always a surprise for the eyes.
I am certain this Congress will be attended by many ex libris lovers from Europe and elsewhere and I certainly won't miss it.
Links: Istanbul Ex Libris Museum within IMOGA Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts.

Ex Libris in Mexico

Mexico has a longstanding tradition in the field of the Graphic Arts since colonial times.

According to Felipe Teixidor, Ex libris y bibliotecas de México, published in 1931, Ex Libris saw its appearance in Mexico in the XVIIth century with the superlibris stamped in the bindings of the books that belonged to rich Libraries of the Religious Orders Ex Libris of the colonial period were basically made by Mexican artists and Teixidor in his book analyses over 60 bookplates of the colonial both heraldic and allegorical

Mercurio Lopez Casillas in his excellent essay Mexican Artistic Ex Libris of the 2oth Century outlines the birth of ex libris interest in Mexico in the beginning of the XXth century referring the first «modern» ex libris by Julio Ruelas, created in 1905 The author further emphasizes the role played by the publication of Ex Libris of Mexican Bibliophiles, in 1913, and of Teixidor’s book with more than 500 bookplates illustrated, in the development of bookplate interest in Mexico.

After a long period of decay both in production, collecting and using of ex libris, as it happened elsewhere, the few solitary bookplate lovers remaining in activity kept the flag and in 2000, at the invitation of FISAE, Mexico was present at the FISAE Congress in Boston with three Ex Libris Collections On the aftermath of the Congress a book by Selva Hernandez Lopez & Mercurio Lopez Casillas Ex libris Mexicanos, Artistas del siglo XX was published by Editorial RM, in 2001.
Finally, this led to the creation in 2004 of the Mexican Ex Libris Association (Asociación Mexicana de Ex Libris ) and of its Website - MEXLIBRIS (in Spanish) and to the organization of The First Inter American Ex Libris Congress, San Miguel 2009, which will be held in February 25 to 28, at San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, in a partnership of the American Society of Bookplate Collectors & Designers and The Asociación Mexicana de Ex Libris (More...).
Congratulations to the Asociación Mexicana de Ex Libris for its initiatives and best wishes for the forthcoming Congress।

Source: Ex Libris of Mexican Artists from the MEXLIBRIS website