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William Cavendish-Bentick, 6th Duke of Portland

William Arthur Charles James Cavendish-Bentick, K.G., P.C., G.C.V.O. 6th Duke of Portland (s. 1879), 2nd Baron Bolsover (s. 1893)


Arms: Quarterly: 1st and 4th, az. a cross moline argent (Bentick); 2d and 3d, sa. three stags heads caboshod ar. (Cavendish)

Crest: 1st, Out of a ducal coronet or., two arms embowed vested gu., hand gloves or. each holding an ostrich feather ar. (for Bentick); 2nd., A serpent nowed proper (for Cavendish) Supporters: Two lions double queued the Dexter or., the Sinister sa.

Motto: Craignez honte

Insc.: William Arthur Sixth Duke of Portland, K. G.
Artist: W. P. B.

William was the grandson of Lord [William] Charles Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck, and a great-grandson of the 3rd Duke of Portland, a British Prime Minster. He succeeded to the title when his cousin the 5th Duke of Portland died without heirs in 1879.

The 6th Duke held a number of honours, including Chairman of the First Royal Commission on Horsebreeding, President of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, and Lord Lieutenant of both Caithness and Nottinghamshire. He was also Provincial Grand Master of the Freemasons for Nottinghamshire, as well as being Chancellor of the Order of the Garter, a trustee of the British Museum and Bailiff Grand Cross of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.
In 1889 he married Winifred Anna Dallas-Yorke (1863-1954), daughter of Thomas Dallas-Yorke.

His passion for horse breeding adn horse racings was proverbial.

see, the bookplate of the 1sr Earl of Portland



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