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Earls of Lauderdale

The bookplate might have belonged to the 4th or to his brother the 5th Earl of Lauderdale, we are not certain and the Frank’s Catalogue does not help.

Richard Maitland, PC, 4th Earl of Lauderdale (1653 – 1695)

Arms: Maitland quartering Lauder

He was the eldest son of Charles Maitland, 3rd Earl of Lauderdale and Lady Elizabeth Lauder and the nephew of the famous John Maitlnad, second Earl, and Duke of Lauderdale a faithful supporter of king Charles II.
From 3 April 1680 he was Lord Justice Clerk, but in 1684 he was deprived of that office, on account of suspected communications with his father-in-law, Argyll, who had escaped in 1681 to Holland.
Richard, Lord Maitland, was present at the Battle of the Boyne on the side of King, July 1, 1690, after which he retired to Limerick and subsequently went to the exiled Court of James II at St.Germains. The following year he succeeded to the Earldom of Lauderdale, but was outlawed by the Court of Justiciary on 23 July 1694.
The 4th Earl of Lauderdale married, 1 July 1678, Anne (d. 1734) daughter of Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll. They left no issue and the Earldom passed to Richard's brother, John Lauder or Maitland, 5th Earl of Lauderdale.
According to one source «the Earl was also a collector of books, and possessed one of the choicest libraries of his time».

John Maitland, 5th Earl of Lauderdale, 1st Baronet, (1655 - 1710)

Son of Charles Maitland, 3rd Earl of Lauderdale and Lady Elizabeth Lauder, succeeded his elder brother Richard Maitland, 4th Earl of Lauderdale in the Earldom in 1695.
On obtaining the Barony of Haltoun assumed the surname and designation of Lauder of Haltoun in lieu of Maitland of Ravelrig.
Active supporter of the «Glorious Rvolution» in 1688 rose to Privy Counsellor and supported the Union of Parliamentsn 1696.
About 1680 Sir John married Margaret (c1662 - 1742), daughter of Alexander Cunningham, 10th Earl of Glencairn.

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