Friday, 13 April 2007

Romanov Superlibris and Bookplates

Bookplate of Csar Nicolas II Private Library in the Winter Palace
(1907, State Hermitage Museum)
Artist: Baron Armin von Foelkersam (1861-1917)

The Bookplates and Super Libris of the Imperial Russian Family

An antiquarian book dealer from the USA presented in his website a collection of
books that belonged to members of the Imperial Russian Family attested by
Superlibris stamped on the book’s covers or spines and bookplates.
The series goes from czarina Maria Feodorovna (1759-1828) to czar Alexander III and czarina Alexandra Feodorovna (1872-1918), wife of czar Nicholas II, including bookplates and Superlibris from several grand-dukes:
Bookplates and books which belonged to the Romanovs, occasionally appear in the market usually fetching high prizes.
The Library of Congress has a collection of books from the Imperial Family, bought in the early 1930’s - Books from the libraries of the Russian imperial family.
· Studemeister, Marguerite Bookplates and Their Owners in Imperial Russia, Hermitage, 1990;
· the recent study by Khudolei, V.V., Knizhnye Znaki i Sem`ia Romanovykh, [ Bookplates and the Romanov family], St. Petersburg: Zolotoi vek, 2003, unfortunately only in Russian.
· Lee, Brian North, British Royal bookplates and ex-libris of related families, Aldershot, Scolar Press, 1992

On Russian Heraldry, see, Russian Heraldry: A Brief Survey, by Dr. Mikhail Y. Medvedev.

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