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Lord James, Earl of Barrymore

Lt. General James Barry, 4th Earl of Barrymore (1667-1747)
Baron Barry (cr. c. 1261), and Viscount Barry (cr. 1541) in the Co. of Cork in Ireland

F1653 – Early Armorial
Arms – Barry
Motto – Boutes en avant (on the origins of the motto (see,

The son Richard Barry, 2nd Earl of Barrymore (1630 - 1694), a royalist, and his second wife Martha Lawrence (d 1664), dau of Henry Lawrence of London by Amy Peyton).
Suc. his elder brother Laurence Barry, 3rd Earl of Barrymore (dsp 17.04.1699) and married thrice. 1stly to Elizabeth Boyle (b. 1662), dau of Charles Boyle, Lord Clifford); 2ndly to Elizabeth Savage (d 1713/4), dau of Richard Savage, Earl Rivers and 3rdly to Anne Chichester (d 1753) , dau of Arthur Chichester, 3rd Earl of Donegal.
A grandson of David Barry, 6th Viscount Barry who was cr. Earl of Barrymore in 1627/28.
Lord Barrymore was a member of the short-lived Patriot Parliament of 1689, called by James II.
Both his great-grandsons Richard Barry (1769–1793) and Henry Barry (1770–1823), 7th and 8th Earls of Barrymore were to become sadly famous for being rakes and for their extravagantcies (see, Robinson, John Robert. The Last Earls of Barrymore 1769-1824. London. Sampson Low, Marston & Co. 1894).

See, The Active Irish Peers in the Early Eighteenth Century, F. G. James, The Journal of British Studies, Vol. 18, No. 2 (Spring, 1979), pp. 52-69

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