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Ecclesiastical Bookplates (Italy - XVIIIth)

Here follows a selection of Italian Bookplates from the XVIII th century belonging to ecclesiastical bearers.

D. Angelo Calogierà (1699-1768)

Abbot of the Convent of San Giorgio Maggiore(c. 1740) - Gelli, p. 320

A monk of the Camaldolese Order was the Librarian of the Monastery of San Michele di Murano. Wrote "Raccolta d’Opuscoli scientifici e filologici", Venezia, S. Occhi 1757, "Nuova raccolta d’opuscoli scientifici e filologici " and "Memorie intorno alla vita di M. Luca De Renaldis vescovo di Trieste consigliere intimo dell'imperadore Massimiliano I e suo ambasciatore a molte corti sovrane d'Europa", Venice, 1753.

The monastery of San Michele di Murano, near Venice hold a Benedictine community called the Camaldolese to whom belonged Gregory XVI (1765 - 1846) the last monk to be elected pope and the last non-bishop to be elected.
After the conquest of Italy by Napoleon, the religious orders were suprressed in Italy and the Monastry of San Michele di Murano was dissolved and its huge and rich Library was confiscated and placed in public libraries, the remaining 18,000 volumes were sold at a public auction.
Chateaubriand visited the Monastery and refers to it in his Mémoires d’Outre-Tombe (François de Chateaubriand, Mémoires d’outre-tombe, Book XXXIX)

Giovanni Baptista Alciatore (1727)

Protonotary Apostolic

Conte Pietro Rotari, sculp. - Gelli, #14, p. 8

Sergio Sersale (Napoli-Roma) c. 1770

Vicario Patriarchale di S. Giovanne in Laterano - Gelli, # 977


(Firenze e Siena) c. 1790

Gelli, # 11

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