Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Apollonie de la Rochelambert

Apollonie de la Rochelambert, comtesse de Valon (1825-1904)

Daughter of a French father émigré in Prussia and of a Russian Lady, she lived many years in Berlin having returned to France in 1845. She married in 1846 the Count Léon de Valon, b. 1811, former secretary at the French Embassy in Vienna, a member of the Chamber of Deputés in 1842. A keen horseman he was one of the founders of the prestigious Jockey Club. Living in Paris and at the Château de Rosay, the Countess maintained a literary salon which became famous.
The bookplate was engraved by Lancelée or by Trouchon (?), bearing the arms of the Valon and De La Rochelambert families
GMN L0937

Sources: http://perso.orange.fr/serge.ollivier/valon.htm

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