Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Victor Lamothe Ex Libris (1736-1823)

Lamothe was a physician born in Bordeaux the son of Daniel Lamothe a lawyer at Bordeaux Parlement. He practised at Montpellier and then at his native city in 1767.
He was a member of the Bordeaux Academy and was appointed to the St. Andrew Hospital and placed at the head of the Maternity after the Revolution.
He was one of the founders of the Société de Médicine (Mediacl Society) of which he became the Chairman in 1799 and in 1806.
This bookplate apart from being heraldic is also relevant to collectors who are interested in Doctor's or Medical bookplates. Indeed, physicians have been throughout times one of the professions, together with lawyers, that have chosen to mark their books with ex libris, allusive or not to their noble profession.

Sources: A. Dujjarric Descombes, Deux ex-libris Bordelais - les frères de Lamothe et l'Abbé Desbiez, Daragon, livraire-éditeur, Paris 1918;
Dr. Eugène Oliveier, Ce que nous apprennent les ex-libris de médecins et de pharmaciens d'autrefois, Société Française des Collectionneurs d'Ex-Libris, 1913

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