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Infante D. Miguel, Duke of Viseu

H.R.H. Infante D. Miguel Rafael Gabriel Xavier Teresa Maria Félix de Orleães e Bragança, 7th duke of Viseu (b. Bern 1946)
Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John's of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta
Bailiff Grand Cross of Justice of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George
Grand Officer of the Order of St. Maurice and St Lazarus
President of the Portuguese Association of the of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
He is the second son of HRH D. Duarte Nuno, duke of Bragança (1907-1976) and HRH D. Maria Francisca de Orléans e Bragança (1914-1968), daughter of D. Pedro de Alcântara de Orleans e Bragança, prince of Grão-Pará (1875-1940) and Isabel, countess Dobrzensky of Dobrzenicz (1875-1951).

His great grandfather was D. Miguel I (1802-1866), proclaimed king of Portugal in 1828, who as a result of military defeat in the civil war was forced to abdicate (1834) and died in exile in Austria at the Castle of Bronnbach (see,
Infante D. Miguel holds the prestigious title of Duke of Viseu which was used before by his uncle D. Miguel de Bragança, (1878-1923), 6th duke of Viseu and by D. Manuel (1469-1521), 5th duke of Viseu and 4th duke of Beja, who became king of Portugal in 1495, after the death without legitimate succession of king John II.

Artitst: Segismundo Ramires Pinto
Tech.: X3, opus 115
Year: 1987
Arms: The Royal arms differenced by a label of three points argent, the third charged with the Imperial Arms of Brazil (alluding to the prince's mother, née Princess of Orléans e Bragança)
Crest: Bragança, (dukes of)

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