Thursday, 7 December 2006

HRH Cardinal Infante Dom Fernando de Áustria

Cardinale Infante Ferdinand of Austria (1609/1610 in Escorial near
Madrid, Spain - November 9, 1641 in Brussels) as Hunter 1632-36, Oil on canvas,
191 x 107 cm, Museo del Prado, Madrid
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H.R.H. Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria (1609 - 1641)
Insc: S.S. Inf. D. Ferdinandi, Cardinalis Archiepiscopi Toletani
Artist: Juan Schorckens (Flemish)

Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand (1609 ? -1641) was born at the Escorial and died in Brussells. He was the third son of King Philip III of Spain and of Queen Margaret of Austria and was made by his father Archbishop of Toledo (1619-41). He was also Governor fo the Spanish Flanders and an Army commander during the Thrity Years War (1618-1648). During his Governorship of Flanders, the emblematic city of Breda was reconquered by the prince of Orange never to be recovered and Arras was lost to the French.
On the Cardinal's admiration for Peter Paul Rubens see,
J. Schorckens lived in Madrid in the first half of the XVII th century working as an engraver.
He made several well known engravings for Portuguese Books printed in that period.

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