Saturday, 2 December 2006

German Artists

Otto Hupp (1859-1949)
A famous German artist, born in Düsseldorf, son of Carl Heinrich Hupp an engraver and medalmaker. He soon moved to Munich were he learned painting with Rudolf Seitz.

Otto Hupp was a multifaceted artist, being a painter and an engraver, working with metals, stone, ivory and leather and also designed steins and plaques. His work as a beer stein designer is largely and scholarly dealt by Dr. Thérèse Thomas at
But above all, he was a brilliant Heraldist having left many works namely. books on Heraldry and also bookplates.
Biography: at; and (in German)

See,an example of a fine cut-leather binding by Otto Hupp at Hans-Enno Korn, Otto Hupp: Meister der Wappenkunst 1859-1949. Ausstellung des Bayerischen Hauptstaatsarchivs, München, 6. Dezember 1984 - 3. Februar 1985, Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns: München, 1984

Lorenz Max Rheude (1863-1939)

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