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Ex Libris Vicomte de Gand (1752-1818)

François-Charles-Gabriel de Gand

Viscount of Gand, Count of Ser, colonel of the Champagne Regiment (1777) and gentilhomme d’honneur of the Count of Artois (1780).
He went to the service of the king of Spain and was Colonel of the Waloon Guards Regiment and made a Grandee of Spain 1st class, in 1786, by king Charles III, of Spain.

Married in 1783 Marie-Joséphine-Félicité de la Rochefoucauld-Bayers, daughter of François-Jean-Charles de la Rochefoucauld, called the marquess of Bayers.

The title of viscount of Gand was from Flanders.

Second son of Jean-Guillaume-François-Marie de Gand, dit Vilain, Marquess of Hem (cr. 1660, by king Philip IV of Spain), baron of Sailly, viscount of Forest, seigneur de Mauberbier, Captain of the Régiment de Prie, at the service of the Empress of Austria-Queen of Hungary, head of the cadet branch of the Flemish House of Gand-Vilain and of Angélique-Louise des Fossez, dame des Potes, viscountess de Petit-Rouy.

His grandfather Gilbert Vilain de Gand, lord of Hem, Forest and Sailly had served the king of Spain as captain of a Waloon Guards Regiment and his great-grandfather Maximilien Vilain de Gand, Baron of Rassenghien, Governor of Lille under the Vice-Roy Duke of Alba, a staunch Roman Catholic famous for his brutal repression of the protestants.

His brother was Guillaume-Louis-Camille de Gand (1751-1818), comte de Gand, marquess of Hem, seigneur de Lomme and de Launoy, count du Ser, Pair de France (17.8.1778), Comte-Pair (31.8.1817), a Knight of the Order of St. Louis, lieutenant-colonel of the Régiment Royal, maréchal des camps et armées du Roi at the Prince of Condé’s Army, in 1793. He then passed to the service of Spain and Portugal.

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