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Ex Libris R. Faucigny-Lucinge

C2, Stern sculp., XIXth c.
Armes: de gueules à trois pals d'or (Faucigny)
The Faucigny-Lucinge is an old family having its roots in Savoy. One of its members René de Faucigny-Lucinge (1583-1610) was ambassador of the duke of Savoy to the French court and played an important role in the peace process apart from having written important historical accounts. A Prosper Antoine de Lucinge, Marquess of Lucinge, Baron d'Aranthon, Governor of Turin, Chablais and Genevois was a Knight of the Order of the Annunciation in 1696. In the XVIIIth century, another member of the Family was made prince de Lucinge, by the king of Sardinia in 1729.
Ferdinand-Victoire-Amédée de Facigny-Lucinge (1789-1866) was awarded in France the title of prince de Lucinge and married in 1823, Charlotte de Bourbon, Countess of Issoudun (1808-1886) an illegitimate daughter of Prince Charles Ferdinand de Bourbon, Duke de Berry (1778-1820) - son of Charles X, King of France, and Miss Amy Brown (1783-1876). In 1906, he published a book on his ancestor: Prince Ferdinand de Faucigny-Lucinge, Un Ambassadeur de Savoie en France Rene de Faucigny-Lucinge (1583-1610), Paris, Hachette, 1906. One of his descendants married Valery Giscard D’Estaing, former President of the French Republic.
The bookplate must have belonged to one of his descendants who lived in the XIXth c. and with names beginning with an R.:
His younger son Rene de Faucigny-Lucinge (1841-1911);
His grandsons Rodolphe Marie Rogatien Charles François de Faucigny-Lucinge (1864-1907), Prince de Faucigny-Cystria, who married Léonie Mortier de Trévise (1866-1939) or, his younger brother, Rogatien Marie Charles Joseph Louis François (1871-1953), married in 1898 Marguerite Pauline Marie de Chastenet de Puységur (1878-1963), both sons of Charles Marie Maurice, Prince de Faucigny-Lucinge et Coligny (1824-1910) and his first wife Françoise de Sesmaisons (1838-1901), or,
His great-grandson Rodolphe Charles de Faucigny-Lucinge (1898-1985), son of Gerard de Faucigny-Lucinge, Prince de Faucigny-Lucinge and Coligny (1869-1949, married 1963, Elise Félicie Florentine Hiard (1900-1990).
The fact that the bookplate bears the simple Faucigny arms (omitting the Lucinge arms also used by members of this Family) makes me incline towards it having been used by the above mentioned Rene de Faucigny-Lucinge.
Sources: http://pages.prodigy.net/ptheroff/gotha/faucigny.html and http://www.william1.co.uk/b3.htm#b3l17

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