Thursday, 7 December 2006

The Art of Bookbinding

A collection of useful links:
1. A site that provides free on-line books on bookbinding, care of books and related subjects, published from 1894-1916:
The Art of Bookbinding by Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf
Bookbinding and the Care of Books by Douglas Cockerell
Bookbinding for Beginners by Florence O. Bean
The Binding of Books by Herbert P. Horne
The Story of Books by Gertude Burford Rawlings
A Book for All Readers by Ainsworth Rand Spofford
The Story of Paper Making by J.W. Butler Paper Company
Bookbinding by Paul N. Hasluck
2. Another interesting website rich in information is Paul Tronson’s:
Royal Bindings by Paul Tronson - Master Bookbinder -Bookbinding & Royal Bindings and
3. Useful reading for the beginner interested in these subjects is the essay:
Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology
4. Sir Augustus W. Franks (1826-1897) apart from his outstanding Bookplate Collection formed a collection of Armorial Bookbindings which was also purchased by the British Museum. The following paper by P. J. M. Marks is worth reading - A. W. Franks and Armorial Bookbindings: Including a List of British Armorial Bookbindings Contained within the Franks Collection
5. The Clements Collection of Bookbindings at the Victoria & Albert Museum
see, also Harthan, John P. "Armorial Bookbindings from the Clements Collection." Apollo (December, 1960): 179-83; (June, 1961): 186-91; (December, 1961): 165-71.
6. Bookbinding – Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense (Milano) from the exhibition, "The Art of Binding Books Through the 15th and 16th Centuries" which took place at Milan in 2002, with an on-line gallery
7. Bibliothèque Mazarine - Reliures précieuses XVIe-XVIIIe siècles (Fine Bookbindings from the XVIth-XVIIth centuries) from the Library of Cardinal Mazarine.
The famous Minister of Louis XIV built up a superb collection of books and manuscripts which he legated to the Collège des Quatre-Nations suppressed after the Revolution. The Mazarin Library was preserved and from 1945 was annexed to the Institut de France which occupies the buildings of the former College since 1805. It was the finest private library of its day and is the oldest public library in France.
8. Another fine on-line Gallery of bookbindings from the collections of the British Library
and a Guide to Bookbindings in the British Library
9. The Art of bookbinding in China British Library, International Dunhuang Project (Descriptions of Chinese bookbinding styles as part of the International Dunhuang Project)
10. Columbia University, New York - Exhibition Judging a Book by Its Cover Gold-Stamped Publishers' Bindings of the 19th Century (1997-98) of th collections of the University
11. An exhibition of Reliures Françaises du XVIIe SiècleExposition au Musée Condé (Château de Chantilly) (French Bookbindings of the XVIIth century) from the superb collection made by the Duc d’Aumale, son of Louis-Philippe d’Orléans, king of the French
12. An on-line exhibit of fine bookbindings from the collections of the National Library of the Netherlands:
13. Scottish Decorative Bookbiding with an Introduction and on-line exhibit of fine Scottish bindings from the XVIIth-XIXth centuries of the National Library of Scotland
14. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Islamic Art in the Medieval Period - The arts of the book in the Ilkhanid period (1256-1353)
15. Princeton University Library – Hand Bookbindings
16. A scholar essay by Priscilla Anderson on Fifteenth-Century Bookbinding Structure in Italy and the Netherlands: A Survey of Manuscripts and Printed Books
17. Highlights of the ExhibitionSix Centuries of Master BookBindingat Bridwell Library
18. Reference book: Armorial Bookbindings. The Catalogue of Books from the Libraries or Collections of Celebrated Bibliophiles and Illustrious Persons of the Past with Arms or Devices upon the Bindings Exhibited at the Grolier Club. Grolier Club, New York. 1895.

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