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Archbishop Léopold-Charles de Choiseul-Beaupré

Ex-Libris Archbishop-Duke of Cambrai - Léopold-Charles de Choiseul-Beaupré (1724-774)
Bishop of d'Evreux (1758-59), archbishop of Albi (1759-64), and archbishop-duke of Cambrai and prince of the Holy Roman Empire (1764-74).
The dukedom of Cambrai was created by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilan I in 1510 and became French with the conquest and annexation of Cambrai to the crown of France under King Louis XIV, recognised by the Treaty of Nimegen in 1678.
He was the son of François-Joseph de Choiseul (d.1770), baron and marquess of Stainville (1722) and baron of Beaupré who married in 1717, Louise, dau. of Anne-François, marquess of Bassonpierre.
Two of his brothers were famous and held high offices. His elder brother was the Lieutenant-General Etienne-François de Choiseul (1719-1785), marquess of Stainville, duc de Choiseul-Stainville (cr. 1758), duc de Choiseul-Amboise (cr. 1762), pair de France, Ambassador to Rome and Vienna and Secretary of State of Louis XV. He signed in 1763 the Treaty of Paris by which France gave away to Great Britain, Canada and India (see, and
His younger brother was Marshall Jacques-Philippe de Choiseul (1727-1789), count and duke of Stainville (cr. 1786) and baron of Domange-aux-Eaux. A Lieutenant-General in the Austrian Army (1759), and one of the last Maréchaux of France of the ancien régime (1783).
His sister Béatrix, duchess of Gramont and his niece Thérèse-Félicité, countess of Caumont were among the victims of the Terror and were executed in the guillotine in 1794.
Another Choiseul, and a close relative, Antoine Cléradius, marquess of Choiseul-Beaupré and count of Choiseul-La Baume b. in 1733, a Lieutenant-General (1781) also fell under the guillotine in 1794.

Arms of the Choiseul-Beaupré: azur, a gold cross, cantoned with 18 gold billet, 5 in each chief canton placed in saltire, and 4 in each point canton placed in two (d'azur à la croix d'or cantonnée de 18 billettes du même, 5 à chaque canton du chef, posées en sautoir, et 4 à chaque canton de la pointe, posées deux et deux
Tech: apparently is a wood engraving
Year: Must have been made after 1759, date of his nomination as archbishop of Albi.

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