Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Portuguese Armorials I

D. Jorge de Almeida (1531-1585)
Archbishop of Lisbon (1570-1585)

A distinguished prelate was also Abbot of the rich Monastery of Alcobaça and Rector of the University of Coimbra till 1563. A member of the Regency Council appointed by King D. Sebastião on his absence in Morocco, after the death of Cardinal-King D. Henrique in 1580, he supported the pretensions to the Crown from Philip II, King of Spain who after becoming King of Portugal made him Inquisitor-General.
Tech.: C2
Size: 87 x 115
Arms: Quartering: I, IV - Almeida; II, III - Henriques.
For a longtime considered to have been the oldest Portuguese bookplate apart from having been used in the frontspice of a famous book, till F. Moreira Rato refuted it as a bookplate. The question is still under controversy.

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