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Lady Anne, Baroness Brassey

Lady Anne Brassey, (1839- 1887), Baroness Brassey of Bulkeley

Née Anne Allnut she was the daughter of John Allnut, Esq. and Elizabeth Harriet Burnett. She married in 1860, Sir Thomas Brassey, 1st Earl & Baron Brassey, of Bulkeley the son of Thomas Brassey and Maria Farrington Harris.
The Durbar Hall, acquired and rebuilt at the back of Lord Brassey’s house at Park Lane, London, housed the collection of ethnographic material acquired by Lady Brassey during her travels.

Books by Lady Anne Brassey:

The Voyage in the Sunbeam, our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months (1878); Lady Brassey's Three voyages in 'The Sunbeam', Longmans, Green, and Co (1888); paperback ed., David & Charles, 1988; see also Project Guttenberg
Sunshine and storm in the east, or cruises to Cyprus and Constantinople. London, Longmans, Green and Co., 1880; modern paperback ed. by Gorgias Press LLC, 2005
An interesting essay by Nancy Micklewright, A Victorian Traveler in the Middle East: The Photography and Travel Writing of Annie Lady Brassey, Ashgate Publishing (December 2003).

See also another biographical account of lady Brassey:
The bookplate is not recorded in the Frank’s Collection catalogue, but must have been made about the same time as that of her husband Sir Thomas Brassey, that is after 1886 when he was created Baron Brassey, of Bulkeley.
Lady Brassey's bookplate is very rare in Portuguese collections. Her husband bookplate, on the contrary does appear, although rarely, in Portuguese collections. It is often considered to be related with Portugal, since Sir Thomas Brassey and Lady Anne sojourned at Funchal, the capital of Madeira on their grand sea voyage and his father Thomas Brassey’s Co. was involved in the building of the first railway lines in this country
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