Monday, 27 November 2006

John Blandy (dated 1791)

This John Blandy might well be related to the Madeira Island Blandy family, if not their ancestor.
The Blandy’s are one of the oldest British Families established in the Island of Madeira firstly as wine traders and then as Bankers, wine producers and navigation agents.
The first Blandy to set foot in Madeira seems to have been John Blandy (1783-1855), back in 1807, a Quartermaster of a British Regiment which occupied Madeira in the early 1800’s, under the command of General Wiliam Carr Beresford. Of this John Blandy background little is known. At the Blandy’s website it is said that he came from Berkshire.
However, a Portuguese writer and genealogist L. Peter Clode wrote that he was born at Piddletrenhide, co. Dorset.
Probably the son of a Charles Blandy who married Elizabeth Davis in 1782, at that parish and with a son named John born precisely in 1783.
John Blandy married Janet Burden in 1810 and returned to Madeira where he founded a Co. of wine trading.
The arms in the bookplate and the motto are the same as the one’s used in the bookplate of John Blandy’s grandson - John Burden Blandy (d. 1912) from Blandy Bros. & Co.
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