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Italian Armorial Bookplates 1

Marchesi Luserna D'Angrogna (Piemonte)
(circa 1620)

A rare anonymous XVIIth century Italian bookplate bearing the arms, crest and motto of the Marquesses of Angrogna and Counts of Luserna, an ancient family from Piedmont, Italy.
Arms: Quarterly:-1st per fess, Gules a three towered castle embattled of three Or [Castille], and Gules tierced of the second (Austria); 2nd and 3rd Bendy of six Gules and Argent (Ancient Luserne); 4th Gules, an eagle displayed Argent. At fess point an inescucheon of Savoy; Gules, a cross Argent.
Motto: Lux in Tenebris Lucet
The Family traces its roots back to Manfred, Count of Luserna in the XIIth century, from whom descended in direct male line Carlo Francesco, Count of Luserna, (1551-1616), Knight Order Supremo SS Annunziata and ambassador in Prague, who obtained from the Duke of Savoy in 1558 the right to wear the arms of Savoie and from King Philip II of Spain, those of Austria and Castille in 1559.
He had two sons Emanuele Filippo (1592-?), Count of Luserna, Knight of the Order of Saint Maurice and Saint Lazare and Giacomo Francesco (1593-?), also a Knight of th Order of Saint Maurice and Saint Lazare (1612).
The bookplate could have belonged to one of them
At the town of Luserna San Giovanni there still exists the family’s Castello and the Luserna d'Angrogna Archives are deposited at the Biblioteca Reale di Torino (http://www.bibliotechepubbliche.it/genera.jsp?id=139#fondi).
The present Head of the Family is the Marquis Bruno Vincenzo Manfredi d'Angrogna Luserna von Staufen-Berg (see, Burke’s http://www.armorial-register.com/arms-it/luserna-von-staufen-berg.html)
Sources: http://genealogy.euweb.cz/luserna/luserna1.html#EF

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