Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Ex Libris De Layre

Ex Libris de Layre

Arms: Bourgnon, baron de Layre, argent a "bourgnon" thereinto entering a fish between three roses, all gules. Poitou, baron in 1811. Note again the Restoration coronet, rather than an Imperial "toque" (the neo-Rococo style is in any event mid-19th c. at earliest) (Valette).

A bourgnon is a basket with which a certain type of sea enclosure (called a bouchot) was closed off.

The enclosure was V-shaped, with the pointed end toward the shore, and the tip of the V was left open when the tide was coming in.

Once the tide started going out, the tip was closed off with the bourgnon, and the fish were trapped within the enclosure...

Notes kindly provided by F. Velde.

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