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Earl de Grey of Wrest

Thomas Philip de Grey, K.G., (1781-1859), 2nd. Earl de Grey of Wrest
3rd. Baron Grantham (s. 1786), 2nd. Earl de Grey of Wrest (s. 1833), and 6th Baron Lucas (s. 1833)

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The son of Sir Thomas Robinson, 2nd. baron Grantham, Foreign Secretary (1782-3) and of Lady Mary Jemnia Yorke, great-granddaughter of Lord Henry Grey, Duke of Kent.
Assumed the surname of Weddell in lieu of Robinson and later on the surname of Grey, under Royal licence. He was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1841-4).
He married Lady Henrietta Frances Cole (1784-1848), dau. of William Willoughby Cole, 1st Earl of Enniskillen.
His younger brother was Lord Frederick John Robinson, Viscount Goderich, 1st Earl of Ripon (1782-1859, Prime Minister from 1827 to 1828 after G. Canning. He was also 2nd cousin of Lord Stuart of Rothesay's wife.
His dau. Lady Anne Florence de Grey suc. to the Barony of Lucas and m. the George Augustus Frederick, 6th Earl Cowper.
Lord de Grey built a fabulous house at the family's estate in Wrest Park, in Bedfordshire

Arms: Quarterly of six: 1st and 6th, Grey; 2nd, Robinson; 3rd, Yorke; 4th, Campbell; 5th, Lucas.

See, an interesting article on his mother and grand-mother - Aristocratic Women
The Social, Political and Cultural History of Rich and Poweful Women
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