Wednesday, 29 November 2006

D. Simão da Gama, bishop of Algarve

D. Simão da Gama, Bishop of the Algarve (1642-1715)
The thid son of D. Vasco Luís da Gama, 5th Earl of Vidigueira and 1st Marquess of Niza and a descendant of the famous Admiral Dom Vasco da Gama who made the first travel by sea through the Cape to India he studied Theology and Philosophy at the University of Coimbra of which he became the Dean from 1679 till his consecration as bishop of the Algarve (1685-1703), under the patronage of King D. Pedro II.
In 1703 he was elected archbishop of Évora and a year later was appointed to the Council of State having left his See and established residence in Lisbon.

Copper engraving (C2)
Size: 107mm x 132mm

Arms - Gama (from Admiral D. Vasco da Gama, 1st. Count of Vidigueira). Crest – Gama. Overall an escutcheon with the ancient arms of Portugal (augmentation of honour conferred, in 1500, by King D. Manuel I, to Admiral Dom Vasco da Gama after the return from his first voyage to India, in 1498)

The bookplate must have been made after 1685 and before 1703, due to the bishop's heraldic galero with six tassels on each side

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