Monday, 27 November 2006

Barão de Vasconcelos (XIXth c.)

José Smith de Vasconcelos, 1st baron of Vasconcelos (Lisbon 1817-Rio de Janeiro 1903)

Cr. a baron in Portugal in 1863, by King D. Luís I of Portugal

He was the son of José Inácio Pais Pinto de Sousa e Vasconcelos (b. 1767) and Mary Martha Tustin Smith (b.1784), from Worcester, England.
He married in 1837 Francisca Carolina Mendes da Cruz Guimarães (b.1814)

He immigrated to Brazil in 1831 and became a merchant and a trader exporting to England, Hamburg and the USA, at Fortaleza.

Probably due to his English ancestry he was an abolitionist and gave the example freeing many of his slaves long before the law of abolition of slavery was approved in the Empire of Brazil.
He was vice-consul of Sweden and Norway, of the Free City of Hamburg and consular agent of the USA, at Ceará.
He was a Knight Commander of the Order of Christ (1870) and Commander of the Order of the Rose (Brazil 1883).
He lived for sometime in England where he headed an export co. at Liverpool with a branch in Fortaleza, in Brazil. He then lived in Rio de Janeiro working in the Banking business.

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Nuno Lopo Smith de Vasconcellos, A Família Smith de Vasconcellos. Rio de Janeiro; 1927

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